Frequently asked questions

Why iMaven

We have a panel agreement in place with several recruiters. Why should we use iMaven?

Normal panel agreements do not keep up to date with changing markets, changing supplier capabilities or new and innovative suppliers.

iMaven provides organisations with the ability to have a panel agreement which gives them access to the best pre-vetted, rated recruiters in real time for every specialism, at the best market rates available. This ensures your stakeholders always get access to the best candidates in the market.  

Why should recruiters register with iMaven?

We are entering in a candidate poor market and recruiters are working harder to source the right candidates. Getting the balance right to try and meet employers and source candidates becomes extremely difficult.

By working through iMaven, you get access to more employers and real jobs which you don’t have to spend valuable time in finding.

There are other recruitment marketplaces in Australia, why work with iMaven?

iMaven marketplace is the only platform created by recruiters who has experience in the industry and understand first-hand the issues that recruiters face with non-responsive employers, shopping by price and not honouring terms.

Our focus is on a balanced outcome for recruiters and employers and making sure everyone is treated fair and equitable. We understand that our employers cannot receive the best service if we cannot attract the best recruiters.   


How do I know I am working with the best recruiters?

We have a thorough selection process before a recruiter is accepted. Each of our recruiters has a profile which shows their performance, feedback and responsiveness. You can make your choice from the information provided to you. You get to pick up to 5 recruiters and we recommend you work with between 2 – 5 recruiters to ensure best results.

Why should I give a review when the process is finalised?

Following the closing of a job we ask both the employer and recruiter to leave a review which helps our community to make good decisions based on measured results and it makes the process as transparent as possible.

How can I trust iMaven?

iMaven is registered with the Recruitment, Consulting & Staffing Association (RCSA), which is the peak body for the recruitment and staffing industry in Australia and New Zealand.

The RCSA sets the benchmark for professionalism through standard setting, education, research and business advisory support. RCSA is a proud member of the World Employment Confederation, the voice of the recruitment and staffing industry across 50 countries, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Australia’s largest and most representative business network and BusinessNZ, New Zealand’s largest business network.

What kind of employers use iMaven?

iMaven is ideal for all size employers, from large organisations who have panel agreements in place, to medium and small companies who wants access to specialised recruiters and wants the simplicity our marketplace offers.


How much does it cost to post a job?

There is not cost involved in posting a job. iMaven gets paid a percentage of the final fee paid to the recruiter once the employee starts.

When do I get charged?

You will get charged when the candidate starts working. You have 14 days from the start date to pay the invoice to ensure your replacement guarantee kicks in.

When do iMaven recruiters get paid?

iMaven recruiters are paid 50% of the agreed fee 30 days after the candidate starts. The remaining 50% is paid when the replacement guarantee period expires.

How do I know what the best price is to pay recruiters?

You can set the fee percentage you are willing to pay. Being a marketplace, our recruiters get the chance to bid what they believe is fair for their time.

The fee will depend on the industry, job level, location and will be driven heavily by market rates.

If you are not sure what percentage to bid, you may leave that open and see what the recruiters are offering.

How is the fee calculated?

When the Job has been successfully filled by the recruiter and on the start date of the candidate, you will be charged the agreed percentage fee of the annual salary inclusive of superannuation to be paid within 30 days of invoice.

Our accounts team will send you an invoice and your company will have 14 days to pay the fee to ensure your replacement guarantee is honoured.

How much does it cost me to join iMaven or bid on Jobs?

Joining and bidding on jobs are free. iMaven charges 15% of your fee when you successfully place a candidate.

How much should I bid on a Job?

The employer provides you with a maximum percentage they are willing to pay for the role. If you think it is reasonable, you can either bid to the maximum or enter a lower bid to be competitive. We ask recruiters not to make stupid bids – this is an opportunity to provide value to clients and candidates by exposing them to more opportunities. If your bid is too low, it  is flagged to your account manager and they can suspend your account if they think you are not working to the spirit of the community.

What happens if the Employer does not pay?

We invoice the Employer on the day your candidate starts work with them – the employer has 14 days payment terms with us. We do everything to collect the money before the recruiter payment is due 30 days after invoicing. However, as you can imagine there are scenarios where clients do not pay on time – we will inform you of this in advance. iMaven will continue to engage with the Employer and take all steps necessary until the account is paid.

Why do all payments go through iMaven?

One of the value propositions to employers are our multi line, single invoice service which allows employers to recruit multiple jobs, use multiple specialised recruiters, but receive only one invoice. The terms of business are also pre-determined across all roles which reduces complexity and risk.   

How much do I get paid?

Recruiters are paid the agreed percentage (%) fee when they bid on the job, either exclusive if they were selected as the sole recruiter, or the general percentage (%) if more than one recruiter was selected.

iMaven subtracts 20% from the fee and pay the recruiter their 80% of the permanent or contract fee.

On a contract role, fees are negotiated based upon the level of payroll support required by iMaven.

How and when do I get paid?

You get paid thirty (30) days after the start date of the candidate.

The Process

How long does a job stay open?

The job closes after an offer was made or after 30 business days with no activity from the employer or when the employer decides to close the role for another reason.

What happens after I shortlisted preferred recruiters?

When you shortlist recruiters, you set a time to engage with them to get acquainted and for them to ask more information if needed. All stages of the recruitment process, from submission of candidates, interview settings, reference checks and the offer are managed through the platform. This gives you full transparency and makes it easy to keep track of your hiring process.

If I upload a job will I be flooded with resumes from recruiters?

When you upload your job your contact details will not be shown until you shortlist the recruiters you want to work with. We recommend no more than 5 recruiters at a time. Your details and available times are visible only to these recruiters who must follow the rules of the platform, which includes only submitting suitable candidates.

Sometimes recruiters may find your details from your job board ads or doing some online research. If you do get unsolicited contact from a recruiter who signed up to the platform Terms and Conditions, you can let us know and we will take action against the recruiter to ensure it doesn’t happen again.


Can I stop working with a recruiter after I selected them?

You can disengage from a recruiter at any stage if you feel they haven’t been performing to your expectation. Just keep in mind if that recruiter submitted a candidate through the platform that you end up hiring, they are still entitled to payment.

Once a candidate has been submitted, can I approach the candidate directly?

You can set interviews with the candidate through the platform process which is easy and intuitive and will give you the opportunity to talk to a selection of candidates. The recruiter will manage the candidate availability on their behalf.

What if I already have the candidate’s resume?

If you already have a candidate’s resume that is uploaded by a recruiter, please let them know immediately. Should you proceed to ask the recruiter to set up an interview, you are confirming that you accept the candidate through the recruiter and you are willing to pay the fee.

How do I make an offer to a candidate?

You can make an offer to a candidate at any time during the process. When you select to make an offer to a candidate, you complete the offer details which triggers an automated backend system to notify the recruiter to accept the offer and agree on the start date of the new employee.

On the start date of the employee, an invoice will be sent to your accounts team for the agreed recruiter fee.

How does a recruiter know when I hire a candidate?

When you hit the Hire button and complete the form, the recruiter will receive a notification with the start date details, and they can prepare the candidate. You can then upload the offer for the candidate.

What happens if the candidate leaves my employment within the guarantee period?

If the employee leaves your employment for any reason within the agreed guarantee period, except where the employee is made redundant, or a change in management or discrimination, you need to let iMaven know. Your recruiter will have two (2) weeks to replace the candidate with an equally qualified or better candidate free of charge. If they are unable to find a suitable replacement, your money will be refunded and you can engage other recruiters.

How do I register to bid on jobs?

Recruiters register via the “Sign Up” button on the website and complete the quick information form. You will need a valid LinkedIn profile and a track record in your specialism. Only experienced recruiters with a proven track record will be accepted. We will contact you for an interview to get introduced and to ensure we match your experience to the right types of jobs that will make you successful.

How do I find Jobs I can work on?

Once your credentials have been validated, our algorithms will ensure you are sent jobs which suits your specialism and preferred geographical region which were agreed on in the registration process. Your ratings as you engage on the platform will ensure your continued success on the platform.

On what basis do employers select recruiters?

When you bid on a role, you will have the opportunity to showcase your specialism with similar roles you have recruited for. Your profile will also show your history on the platform. When you are new to the platform, we have an algorithm designed to get you a start rating based on your experience.

How does a recruiter agency register?

Every recruiter registers as an individual. We provide the Billing Manager/Company Director full visibility of their recruiters’ dashboard if that is what the company policy requires.

Can I work with an employer outside of iMaven once I was introduced to them through iMaven?

If an employer wants to work with you outside of iMaven it means you have done a great job. The Terms of Business stipulates that you have an obligation to iMaven for 12 months after you were introduced to an employer. It would be better for you to continue working with the employer through the platform and they can choose to work with you exclusively. That will reduce your risk of non-payment and unrealistic expectations from employers. The reason for iMaven is to reduce your risk as well as provide you with continued opportunities to be successful.  However, if you do not adhere to the Terms of Business as agreed to when you signed up, you may be suspended from the platform permanently and lose all your incentives and rewards.

What if I already have a relationship with an employer?

If you have an existing relationship and they engaged you through iMaven, our Terms of Business will apply. The employer can ask to work with you exclusively on the platform.

How long are Jobs open for?

The job is open until the employer makes an offer. If no advancement has been made on the job for 30 business days, the job is closed and moves to archived. The shortlisted recruiters are notified so you can manage your pipeline and reporting.

How do I know how competitive my bid is?

You will know what the normal market rates are. The idea is to work at a fee that is acceptable to you and the employer, not to drive fees down. If you are not shortlisted for a job you placed a bid on, you will receive an email with information on what terms the employer engaged. This will give you an indication of what is important to the employers.

How do I know if I won the bid?

The Employer has five (5) business days to shortlist recruiters. We advise employers not to shortlist more than five (5) recruiters at a time. If you are successful, you will receive a notification email and the job will be visible in your job flow.  

What if I am a recruitment agency?

We work well with recruitment agencies who want transparency of how their recruiters are performing and the payments they receive. Please contact us on 1300 iMaven or email: for more information.

How do I submit my candidate?

You submit resumes by uploading them to the platform through an intuitive process.

How do I arrange interviews?

You arrange interviews through the platform. You will get an email notification as well as see the employer’s preferred times and dates in your workflow to accept or propose new times.

How do I know if the Employer has already received this candidate?

We notify you immediately once the employer advises us. The system also flags a candidate which has been submitted as a duplicate. We work with you to make sure the process is fair to you and your candidate

How do I know when a candidate gets hired?

The employer makes an offer to the candidate on the platform which triggers a notification email to you and creates a workflow. You accept or amend the offer and on the new employee start date the offer is finalised and payment terms are activated.

What happens if the Start Date of the Candidate changes?

You can change the start date as part of the workflow process up to the date the new employee starts

What happens if my candidate resigns or loses their job?

iMaven operates under a strict refund policy. If the candidate resigns within the guaranteed period previously agreed, the recruiter has two (2) weeks to replace the candidate with similar skills or better. If the recruiter is unable to provide a suitable candidate, we refund the employer and invoice the recruiter for the amount to be paid back to iMaven.

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