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Designed by Recruiters Who Understand the Challenges of Recruitment

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You have existing clients – keep them. We’ll give you access to more employers who have jobs to fill. 

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Our matching algorithm helps you fill jobs faster by identifying your specialism and sending you jobs best suited to your capabilities

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We take care of the business development, invoicing, payments and disputes so you can focus on creating your wealth

Recruitment Traditional Way

Wasted Time. Too much time is lost on business development activities that could be spent finding candidates.
Engagements Across Multiple Platforms. From job boards to social media, there’s too many networks to monitor to find the right roles and candidates that match your specialty.
Lack of Visibility and Transparency. Between candidates and employers, it can be a challenge to know where things are at throughout the recruitment process.
Unclear Terms. With multiple networks and lack of transparency, terms can become unclear resulting in disputes and chasing of payments.

iMaven Way

Improved Efficiency. With iMaven there’s less admin work resulting in a 30% faster fill rate, leaving more time to vet top talent.
Cost Savings. With everything in the one place and clearly defined terms, time and money is saved across every aspect of the recruitment process.
Wider Network. iMaven gives you access to a broader network of employers meaning there’s more jobs for you to fill.
No Subscription Fees nor Lock-In Contracts. With no upfront costs to join and no lock-in contracts, there’s no reason not to give iMaven a try. We are confident that our system will take your recruitment to the next level.

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