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A dynamic online platform giving you complete control to choose the best recruiters you wish to work with and most importantly the FEE you are willing to pay, saving you and your business time and money!

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Spend Less Time Managing Recruiters and Agencies and More Time Focusing on Candidate Quality

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No more being locked into the same fee
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30% faster placement through engaging with specialised recruiters

Hiring Insights

Use reports and hiring patterns to make informed decisions on future hiring needs

Recruitment Traditional Way

Too Many Candidates. Most traditionally advertised roles will attract hundreds of applicants.

Unvetted or Poorly Matched Candidates. Of the hundreds of applicants, many won’t meet your mandatory requirements.
Engagements Across Too Many Platforms. With Social Media playing a bigger role in recruitment, keeping track of recruitment is difficult.
No Tracking of Data. Difficulty in calculating recruitment costs and return on investment.
Multiple Invoices. From different agencies, job boards and networks.


iMaven Way

More Choice. Easy access to a variety of recruiters to fill a job in any industry or location.
Easy To Use. All recruitment and activities are visible and manageable in one place.
Improved Efficiency. iMaven’s algorithm aligns roles with job type, recruiter performance, expertise, geographic location and cultural fit.
User Ratings. Employers and recruiters are assigned ratings to build trust and ensure transparency.
Data & Analytics. All recruitment activities and transaction information are tracked including cost per hire, average fee, total spend, helping employers achieve the best possible outcomes.


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